Friday, December 14, 2007

why blogs..

This third blog from me is again more of my perception about blogs.. so if it contradicts with someoneelse please dont take it to heart.. the reason I say this is I dont want anybody to get offended by my blog.. U are allowed to enjoy reading my blog or U can sweep it aside as a crap or U can strongly oppose it but strictly not to get annoyed.. it may be a kind of imposition but still I insist becoz my reason of writing blogs is different..

This is my third blog but only now I have got the real reason for why a blog has to be written by me..I was wrong in my perception when I wrote the previous blogs..I wrote the first one because there was an urge in my mind to make my love known to few people..moreover selfishly I eyed at the possibility of SHE looking into it..then I was moved by its response , so I have had myself to write the next one but not for the reason I was really searching for..I didnt get the same kind of response this might have lacked many of my friend(vaai) said it wasnt entertaining..I too didnt get any kind of I stopped writing blogs..

I didnt know on what motive(real) I have to write a blog except for I believe it will improve my writing skills in english..even I didnt know whether I am scripting it for mysake or for others..if I write it for others it has to be appealing for in what way I can make it more appealing..I fear that voluntarily adding exciting stuffs will deteriorate or misinterpret my real
idea..moreover what entertaining to me maynot be for obviously my blog means more to me than what it matters to others..then how it matters to me a lot..

according to me there are two forms of existence for any is the form which exists in my mind as thoughts after I perceive it.. the other form is the one which is stronger and the real form which gets its existence when I share it to others.. actually this was told to me by my friend(SURSH) on a fine day but I didnt feel it that day , but now I start to realise it in everycase.. so when I write a blog I give the real form to my idea.. my blog speaks lot more to me and strongly implants the idea in my mind.. but this too happens only when I convey what I really perceive in my means that a blog is worthwhile only when it speaks what it has to speak.. so hereafter I will script my blogs with core ideas without worrying about the reader's entertainment..

thank U..