Friday, July 18, 2008

it's U and me

This is the message conversation between
two people through their mobiles.
A : "welcome aboard2 'sweet Dreams' airline,
All passengers on bed, hug ur pillows.As the
flight will be leaving soon 2dream land."
B : who is this?
A : i am the one you always wish to be with.
B : sorry i could not guess. and you smart that
was a good reply anyways.
A : guess who you like the most.
B : the name i should no longer spell out..
and you tell me who you are.
A : Its the same name what came to ur mind
the moment you see this message.
B : no i dont believe it.. see if you are not telling
me who you are, i am going to cut this
conversation now.
A : ok. you tell me what should i do to make you
believe it.
B : you could do nothing for i willnot believe it
A : This is crazy,man. you long for somebody
to message you. and if that somebody
messages you, you dont believe it..God,why
do you create such foolish people on earth.
B : hey..this is too much.. keep it decent..
A : ok..
B : now you prove me that you are the one
i have always wish to be with.
A : do you remember the day we first met?
B : no.
A : Dai..
B : summa.try something else.
A : you remember the first time you kissed me.
B : sweet the moment was.
A : stupid..dont stoop to it..give it a go.
B : wait i havent finished yet.i do have kissed
many sweethearts.mostly all were you
tell me which one of those sweethearts are you.
A : and that doesnt sound very funny..
B : is it so?
A : shut up..
B : comeon..i pray God that you arent
giving it up,my sweet..
A : ok tell me, what is your new liking in
this world?
B : the feel of cold rain drop falling on a
hot street light.
A : what do you enjoy in it?
B : its paradoxical chemistry.
A : then
B : its implication of the love between me
and my dear. and you still lose.
A : ok.what does haunt you more in this world?
B : a vast desert.
A : what do you fear in it?
B : its calmness.
A : whatelse
B : its solitude
A : then
B : its implication of a vacuum in a man's life
when he misses his loved one.
A : who do you miss?
B : i miss many in this world.
A : shut up. tell me who do you miss the most.
B : its you who i have always wish to be with.
A : i love you dear.
B : i miss you.
A : i will be back in two days. take care.
B : take care.bye.
A : "welcome aboard2 'sweet Dreams' airline,
All passengers on bed, hug ur pillows.As
the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Philadelphia - review

This is the review of one of my favourite movies,
PHILADELPHIA. usually i am not comfortable
reviewing a movie. Formerly i had the practice
of commenting on any movie i get to see,
but later on i felt it wasnt just right,
because i began to have a belief that
one can review a movie only when he
ables to respect and love the same.
so here i am very proud to review this movie
as i always love it.
Director - Jonathan Demme
Actors - Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
Music Director - Bruce Springsteen
The movie starts with Tom Hanks working
as a lawyer in a conservative law firm. Then
it immediately slips to get revolved around
the main theme, as Tom Hanks gets to know
that he has been affected by the deadly disease AIDS.
And this costs his job as he has been fired on
the pretext of misplacing an important
Though succumbing to AIDS
Tom Hanks couldnt able to let himself accept
this, for he feels that he doesnt deserve such a
bad and wrong treatment for serving his
client so consistently. moreover he had
always loved his job. so he seeks a
representation to sue the firm. And from
this point the screenplay and the depiction
takes everyone along to the place where
one's conscience haunts itself.
Then comes the entry of Denzel Washington,
a homophobic lawyer.Initially he refuses
to represent Tom but slowly he begins
to listen his scruple's call. There is this scene
to be named the best in the movie, where
in a library Denzel lets his conscience drag him
into the case slowly and steadily yet strong
Then the court scenes where the case arguments
start meandering around initially, but
suddenly it gets veered onto the
main subject as Denzel stikes the dart
to the spot where the movie reveals
the blackness of the human nature
(ie their sexual orientation,selfishness,hatred
towards people,etc) peeling the flimsy clad
of human's sheer hypocrisy. And this
transformation of the case metaphorically
represents the personal transformation
of a common man's(Danzel's) approach
towards the social outcasts.
The scene where Tom Hanks explains
the court how he loves the law is the
extreme point where the case gets riveted
to its seriuosness and that explains why
a dying man fights all the way with a case.
Then finally Denzel goes on to win
the case for Tom Hanks.
The highlights of the movie are its theme
and the narration which challenge to strike
the chord of any type of audience. And too this
movie was made in 1993 when the fear of AIDS
was spreading at a rampant speed.
Another speciality of the movie is
the performance of Tom Hanks and
his characterization. it really takes guts
to perform the role of a gay. i think it's much
more than an oscar-worth. There are
so many scenes where he is simply
extraordinary especially the scene where he
meets Denzel in his office for the representation
and the scene in the library where he happens to
remain as an outcast in everyone's attention.
And then Denzel Washington, i wonder how he
handles such a character with ease, particularly
all the court scenes.
Finally both the song and the background
music of the movie are too good that it
had won the oscar.
The movie might seem slow at its pace
but it has so much to see in it.To watch a
movie of this type might take one enough
patience and love towards the cinema.
a great movie filled with many colours of life.