Saturday, June 7, 2008

a piece of madness

It was a small room,to be exact,a bathroom..
Unlike the other rooms, the pitiful bathrooms
cant except a great decoration than the
much needed cleanliness..also it is been visited
only when people are forced to naturally..
But that little one was bit lucky that moment,
not because it had got a decent look but
because more emotion was being filled in it..
That moment was extremely strange and new
to it, to be true it couldnt able react to it..
If it had a mouth it would have cried loudly,
if it had eyes those would have been filled with
tears.. But how could a bathroom can have all
those,so it remained silently hiding all those
happened that instant.. If killing a human being
is a murder,then killing ones own feelings is
also the same..
Yes an emotional murder began to take its shape
when the forceful stream of water hit the cervical
nerves of his neck part..The chillness of the
tape water went down the spinal cord disturbing
the entire emotional setup of his mind..His eyes
began to deluge with tears but the traces were
wiped down by the continuous flow of water..
The purity of the water at the tape's mouth was
no more when it reached the floor after
tumbling down allover his toned psyche, as it was
blend with pain,love,deceit,pride..The warmth of the
60 Watts incandescent bulb soothed him a little
but certainly not countering the damn coldness of
the water during that fierce winter night..Then
his body started to shiver badly as his teeth
clattered in the cold..He felt the difficulty of
his entire life that moment..He preferred to die
rather than experiencing such a murderous moment
if killing himself had promised him to earn the
due pride for sure..
Yes that moment was so cruel that too when
his hormones started to play its trick more
ruthlessly..The time people have to understand
biology more than settling down to their
emotional possession.. But few people always
prefer to fight the nature for no reason, why?
maybe they feel it more faithful to put a fight with
or else they might find it a way of testing their
own character.. whatever it is, he was one such
who was ready to give it a go whenever his love
was threatened by the nature.. he had failed to it
many times,even he knew he had to live with it
forever yet he couldnt console himself to stoop to it..
Mad people,they never mind that eventually they
have to fail.. why do they do this still,maybe
they are excepting the great dawn one day,
maybe they find everybody as mad going after
something invaluable..But what did he feel then?
yes then he was more fragile unable to
withstand the cold yet had the last laugh , then
covered his body with the warm towel..poor man
strained himself for no cause but to him it meant
a lot as he was all overwhelmed of his temporary
victory..but that pride moment forgot to make
him realize that it will come back more strongly again..