Thursday, January 24, 2008

a blot in the lovely art

One dark night, JACK decided to lurk into an old-fashioned
house that was probably as old as the conventions and rituals
people dwell in it believe.
(Before proceeding into the story let us look at who is this
JACK. He is a rude person yet strong and attractive, any
woman would be eager to have sex with him if she is
imprudent or if they live in Adam-Eve time. He expertly
sneaks into the houses in the night and loots everything
he likes, also he will not miss any opportunity of intercourse
with girls who are left alone in the houses. He is quite efficient
in eyeing up the houses which are lone or in which not many live.)

That day he decided to sneak into a lone house that was quite far
away from the other houses in that street. Unknowing about the
people living in it he made his mind towards it because of his high
confidence of the fact that he had never been caught by anybody.
JACK deftly evaded the guard dog and climbed up the motta maadi
of the house,from there he cleverly got inside the house; he called
himself lucky after seriously guessing not many in the house that
time. The house was not so big and not too small, it was parted
into 6 rooms and a hall where he stood in one corner. There was
a small colored bulb switched on which spread dim light in all
directions, this eased his work not to grope in the dark. There in
the hall he happened to see an old framed photo (probably
15 years old) nailed up on the wall in which a couple posed
with their 12 yr old son.

Then he carefully navigated through the rooms; for his surprise,
there was no one in all except the last room where he saw a lady
in mid twenties sleeping in the bed. His anticipation raised high
as he wished to see how beautiful she was, so he went nearby
the window only to get disappointed by her ugly, dark-colored,
rotund bod lying in the bed. Abruptly his interest in her vanished
(because of the fact that even the sex has been adulterated by external beauty).
He then made his mind for the hidden money thinking that
she was sound asleep. The moment he tried to move from that
place he found her body moving slightly. Carefully he observed
her thinking 'what is she doing at the midnight? is it not the
time to sleep ? hey what is she up to ?'. Now he got into rapt
observation deeply interested 'hey?', finally he sensed that she
was trying to get sexual gratification by self-stimulation falling
into half-sleep. Unprecedentedly and completely he was moved
by her longing for sex. Though he didn't like her physique,the
very human element (love or sympathy or kindness,..) in him
urged him to give her what she longs for, then he slowly inched
towards her bed. Sitting on the bed next to her lying bod he
smoothly touched her. She was all pleased by the warmth
of a man touching her; an abstract pleasant feeling conquered
her, she felt it heavily as if having a glass of water after
working for hours in scorching sun. Before completely started
relishing it an unknown force from her inner mind rushed into
her knowledge made her awake completely and compelling her
to push him few distance away from the bed. On the spur of the
moment she started crying loud; her body was shivering, her
heart broke couldn't put up with what had happened. She
didn't even look at his face, started pleading him to leave the place.

He couldn't realize why things went that bad to her all of a sudden.
Only when he walked back to the house's exit, he accidentally
looked at the new framed photograph(this time it was only
two years old) of a young man closely resembling the 12 year old
child in the old photograph, the frills of the photograph told him
that the young man was no more. He looked back at her she
was crying still, he felt extremely sorry for her and left. Though
the feeling of guilt overwhelmed her she knew she still loved her husband.
At that moment all her hidden beauty came to the fore.

(many would say sex is not mere an exchange of body fluids ,it's more than that, while some say it is divine. All above that it is just a simple feeling which leave nobody to escape.)

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