Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't be a deaf to your reminders

It was few minutes past 2'o clock in the atfernoon;I was
walking to the eatery where I used to have my lunch before
turning up for the office; I was stopped by my instinct to
cross the road to reach the eatery right opposite on the
other side. After ensuring no vehicles were in haste,I was
about to step my foot but stung by a bug which aged very
old on the earth. Aging 50 plus, a man started to walk (move)
on his bare hands on the tar road as his legs were
dysfunctional, not even having his wife accompanying him,
as she had crossed the road in a flash before he started.
I stood there for few seconds letting the man to take the
lead and then gingerly followed his inching movement.
After few uncomfortable strides, even I deserted him for it
was too difficult to walk that slowly to follow his movement.
Her wife kept urging him to come faster as anytime the signal
at a few metres distance would be shown green and vehicles
would start to race again; Finally, after two halts of few
seconds each, he reached the other side of road.

Trying to digest that moment I walked straight to the hotel
and bought the meal bill at the till; Before I took my handful
to the mouth, I heared a dry voice with a haunting effect;
I didnt raise my head,I knew who they were and what they
asked for, nor did I taste my handful; I kept doodling
on my plate killing the seconds and my moral sense too.
After a minute or two,I raised my head to see whether they
were around or not,thankfully they were not near,but
distantly they were walking in two legs -
the wife was carrying the man on her back.

Having experienced the situation and keeping the
common sense intact, I wonder how better one could have
tackled the situation? I do not want to accept the option of
shrugging off the emotion that leaks inside one because I
wasn't the only one looking at them, it was nearly all who
were drawn by them (common sense);
I am affordable but not comfortable of giving them little
money. Hence by any means, as a common man,I couldn't
have provided any solution to their problem because I am
not a plank of the society to try to destabilise and rebuild it
again;I am just a small stone sticking to its outer wall, so if
I shake and fall apart I will only break but the wall
will stand erect asusual.

Moreover,boiling down to the possible solution depends
on what role one does take in the public,
it is great to be a father punishing the bad and praising the
good without stooping to the emotions,
it is relatively easy to be a mother sweeping everyone under
a single blanket though remaining ignorant of the mistakes,
it is very difficult to be a sincere learning student,
where it is very easy to be an unruly child giving the hope
to the parents that one day the change would dawn upon them.
But it is very unfair to be a beautiful toy which is indifferent.

There are many means of climbing up the ladder, but the most
important factor is money, how does one handle the money will
place them correspondingly in the society.
Can one count the reason for one's spending of every penny?
Can one have a principle of his own, be it fitting to any scale but
one if strictly followed will yield the result? if yes,then that will
discipline them. I believe good people dont need a teacher to tell
them what to do, they know it already,they just need a reminder
not even a loud alarm but a haunting melody,
given that the ears are open.
I have a principle and my ears are open, so I try to read this as a
reminder to follow mine for I fear I will go deaf forever.