Monday, September 17, 2007

when do i fail as a person

(i do fail at lot of things..but these failures i(we) come across every now and then..i write this simply to share my thoughts over these issue)

The other day i was happened to see few transgenders standing next to me in the bus-stop..i know they are no different from me..even then their presence brought out the defensive in me..i couldnt put up my face to theirs..i have read about them , i could understand their emotions to some extent but still i couldnt be normal with their presence..this incident apparently showed me how impotent i am in my mindset..i have had it strongly on my conscience.. is this because of the society i have been brought up in..if yes , arent we making the society...they are unhappy not because who they are biologically but because we treat them as is still worst in the next case..

whenever i (men) see a girl who i dont know walking on the street or standing nearby ...i have a thought popped up in my innermind making me recognize myself more as a male than as a humanbeing..this element (AAMBALANGIRA THIMURU) lets me to think about her differently sometimes in wrong it not a kind of male chauvinism...why couldnt we look at a girl more as a person rather than as someone of opposite sex...though we term this as nature..i fail here as a person..are we(men) not overdoing the privilege of being male..i presume this is why we find difficulty in understanding their tribulations..sometimes this primal failure leading to many social outrages against women..

'superiority',i capitulate to this word very most of us i do seek superiority in whatever things i involve..right from the childhood this superiority complex dominates me..i dont know from where it gets seeded in my mind..sometimes it engulfs all my good shelves projecting me as a bad person to this society..we expect each our activity to be recognised by someone..for example i write this blog to be read and recognised by this kind of expectation leading myself wrongly to somewhere ..i dont know whether i am trying to succeed this superiority complex to make myself more superior..

(these failures keep coming at me..i know these are all not somethings i should disappear into ...but then simply giving my thoughts over these...thank u ...please throw ur comments)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

love inside a man

(this content is more in my perspective..simply to share my staple view about love)

Like every man ,I too have both masculinity and femininity inside me . .Both masculinity and femininity are intangible feelings,they can only be felt within..From childhood I couldnt sense my femininity part until I see HER..since i saw her I started to feel it slowly inside me realising the completeness of a man.maybe this is the kind of new thing every male gets from his girl..This element which made me love myself more and feel the completeness mentally makes this LOVE better and different from the one my mother or sister shows towards me..In this aspect transgenders are special , they could feel both the things themself..they dont need somebody else to make them realise it.painfully this extrathing let them be socially outcasts.

I dont know whether we can quantify love or not , i suppose no. but in case of unrequitted love ,the intensity is high because the amount of pain it causes intensifies the love my case SHE doesnt talk to me,but kept me always brood over her thoughts..That pains me a lot letting my love grow cite an exemplar , the amount of pain a woman undergoes during pregnancy both mentally and physically makes her love towards the child more intense.

The word LOVE is derived from the latin word love starts when an ovum is fertilized by a sperm..obviously everybody is loved by one or more others...even the worst person in the world is loved by his its important to love someone truly rather than expecting someone to love love helps me to understand myself and makes me more humane towards has brought only good things out of me not vices..i have realised the same in my friends (KICHA, SURESH) love too.. i love HER , she loves somebody else , both love are beautiful,because love is beautiful..i try to respect both the doesnt matter whether ur love is requitted or not , how truly u r to ur love matters a lot..thank u..

(this is only my part of conception about love..u can throw ur comments...)