Friday, November 21, 2008

A chewing gum

(This is the conversation between two jobless people in their office.
These two doesnt require much introduction as they present
everywhere in the world waiting to taste the earth's oldest apple , Love.)

SHE : Hai, how do you do?
HE : fine. How do You do?
SHE : yeah fine , but nothing great to relish.
(She drags him into the conversation , maybe intentionally.)
HE : why?
(more a casual why)
SHE : why a why?
HE : no nothing. just like that.
SHE : just like , what?
(He senses that she kind of pushing him into a sweet-talk.)
HE : see.. Men have many reasons to concern about in this
world, but for a woman this world is an absolute gift.
Forgive me Mam, if you are the only prestigious exception to
(somehow he fabricates a reason out of thin air.)
SHE : why do you say that?
HE : because it is as obvious as a bright sun , you know.
There is always somebody to look after,to ponder about ,
to pamper a woman in their liferun.
And surely they have to be grateful to men for this, you know.
SHE : Uhhhumm.
(She laughs sarcastically.)
HE : do you have Boyfriend?
(The question is simple yet it does surprise her because of its sudden appearance.)
SHE : No
(The answer comes out as fast as a rocket striking the gates of
his heart. Then follows a beautiful smile of her with a
little smell of shyness.)
HE : you should be having One. Do you know how much a boy pampers
his girl?. Girls are lucky.
SHE : And Boys are?
HE : Wise people call them fools.
(A gentle laughter breaks out.)
SHE : You know one think, these all are total rubbish.Men have this
creeping thing in their mind that they are the pitiest souls
left in this earth. Kind of syndrome i guess?
HE : is it?
(with a sarcastic grin)
SHE : but this is one of the oldest topic to discuss.
HE : I think i should surrender to the most intelligent girl of the earth, shouldn't I?.
SHE : shut up.
(a little smile followed by a little pause.)
SHE : you know when I first saw you in the office I thought you
are a calm person, sort of more introvert.
HE : then.
SHE : But actually you are not. I guess you are neither complex to
understand nor simple to observe at first sight. I think i am
right at this, dont I?
HE : Dont know,Mam. As everybody says, I do have no idea
about what I am exactly. It might sound monotonous but
that is true I guess. Maybe somebodyelse can define me in
their own observation as you did.
SHE : But that is not all too wrong.
HE : ok tell me, what do you think about a boy wearing Peter England
shirt,Pepe Jeans and a pair of Reebok shoes, I mean on a first
SHE : Maybe more fashionable.
HE : What if he wears the same pieces soaked in dirty the next day.
(she is kind of getting it.)
HE : what if he wears them for months together. Do you think he is
more funky now?.
SHE : May be not. And yes you are not.
HE : Thanks. so your observation keeps changing everytime not
jumping into any conclusion.
SHE : Well. Good try sir, but the example you have taken is not more
convincing enough.
(She sheds a ridiculous smile.)
HE : Fine. your remarks are most welcomed.
SHE : Ok. Shall we go out and have coffee.
HE : Do you really want me to come?
(He drags little hard in the cat and mouse game,yet she plays it
SHE : No. If you dont like. You can better stay right here at office.
HE : Yeah. Even I get a little feel for the hot coffee now.
(They move to the nearby coffee shop.)
(And now they are in the coffeeshop sitting in the adjacent chairs at
the corner table. coffee cups are left abandoned in the table after
the use.)
SHE : Do You have Girlfriend?
(Now the simple question doesnt surprise him as he is expecting it
HE : I havent become a fool yet. (after a little pause) Well why didnt
you ask this then.
SHE : when?
HE : When I asked you about the same.
SHE : have you expected me to ask this then?
(Well now Its her turn in the game.)
HE : Not exactly. I know girls always play safer.
SHE : I dont play anything safe because i am not into any such.
HE : Do you mean girls would readily get into something which is
of no concern to them?
SHE : Maybe not. Why should they if it is of no concern to them?
HE : doesnt that sound selfish?
SHE : you tell me why should we do that?
HE : see. we have all talked about your observation of me. but you
didnt let me talk about you. Doesnt it show that you are more
safe and secure in your part?
SHE : ok let me ask you this straight. What do you think of me?
HE : What do you think? in the sense.
SHE : what does come to your mind When somebody utters my name?
HE : you are a nice girl. your actions might seem witty but they are
not actually.
SHE : What else?
HE : you are sociable. Often good in arguing. What more?
SHE : Hey are these the only things you think about a girl.
HE : To be frank. you look beautiful.
(she smiles with an attempt to hide her shyness.)
HE : You look gorgeous.
(He moves bit closer to her now. She feels uncomfortable with his
sudden change of the tone.)
HE : that too your lips are sexy and all tempting.
(He has moved still closer to her now, a little forward push will
land his lips in hers. She is all nervous caught between her minds.
And right at the very moment she decides to get up, he breaks into
a healthy laughter. yes he pulls off a real big one by his deceiving act.
Maybe one of the oldest trick in the lover's book.)
HE : yeah. i got you in a real surprise.
SHE : you mad man. i was afraid, you know.
(he giggles)
HE : i tell you one thing. Girls are real naive. I could see your
face reacting in fear and anxiety. How could you believe a man
slipping into a different mood all of a sudden? What was your
next move?
SHE : Simple. I would have given you a nice slap. you missed it.
HE : bad luck.
SHE : no problem. do you want one now?
HE : Do you believe Men shift their moods all of a sudden falling to
an exquisite beauty?
SHE : Dont know Sir.
HE : Maybe they , but i dont.
SHE : you seem to be a nice guy.
(with a gentle smile in her face.)
HE : uhhhuumm no. just like that.
SHE : shall we move.
HE : Yes. By the way i forgot to tell you.
SHE : what?
HE : that you are beautiful.
(SHE again sheds the exquisite smile.)


King said...

Nice one...

Gokul said...

After Long time da machan........
Keep writing such........
I really love to read them.....

RAJA said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments.

krishna said...

sorry aalu, read this one jus now. been quite some time since u wrote. nice piece that one. a good observation of women. infact i should say women act safer than even wat u've said. infact am afraid this conversation would not have taken place in real time given the girl's disposition. anyway a nice analysis i should say